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Photoscene support was added 25th October 2017

There is an example photoscene mod included in the sdk. open it to see how it works. It is also available on the Steam Workshop as a mod.

Start With a New Blank Mod[]

  • Create a new Mod from the Blank Template
    UE4ModCreation 01.gif

  • fill out the wizard and press Create Mod
    UE4ModCreation 02.gif

Create a New Blank Level[]

Create a new blank level in your mod plugin folder. Name it whatever you'd like. It'll show up in-game with the name you give it.

UE4ModCreation 24.gif

Open the level by double-clicking it.

Create your level[]

do whatever you want to make your level be what you want.

This is not anything particular to Automation, but UE4 in General. Watch some of Epic's tutorials on this:

Level Creation Guidelines[]

  • The movable car gizmo (the arrows that show up for moving and rotating the car in the photoscene) checks geometry 6m above the car and 2m below it for collisions. Make sure any geometry in this range doesn't have collision enabled, or you're going to have a bad time trying to move the car in the photoscene.
  • Search the Modes panel for A Car Locator. These are the bookmarks for sub-level positions. Place them wherever you want them to be, and in the Details panel, give them a name. This name will show up in the levels menu in the photoscene as one of the sub-level positions.
  • Currently, Stationary Lights are broken for Automation. use either static or movable lighting in your scenes.

You are now ready to share your mod.[]

Go to the Modding page to see how to share your mod.