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Prestige & Reputations are two concepts that affect how your cars are perceived by the potential buyers. Throughout the campaign you can gain or loose Prestige or Reputation in a various ways. Both of them have a maximum value of 100 and minimum value of -100. Those values are accumulated independently for every market. You can have high Prestige in one country, while low Prestige in another one. You can check those values in the Marketing & Dealerships view.

If you sell reliable cars your reputation goes up, if you sell prestigious cars your company prestige goes up. You can increase Prestige

Build Quality[]

Effect of the build quality on the company prestige and reputation

For example if you have 1.1 build quality and 20 prestige, your prestige is actually going down.

Patriotism Bonus[]

Producing car locally or having head quarters in the given country gives a boost to the Prestige & Reputation in that country. On the other hand, foreign companies have a negative modifier.

Patriotism bonus for local production.png

Dealership Happiness[]

Dealership Happiness is also affected by the effective Prestige & Reputation by the following formula:

(reputation + prestige + (max(reputation, prestige))) / 3

Or visualised:

Dealership happiness prestige.png